Why is it important to purchase new brushes and rollers when you begin a new paint job?

It’s important to purchase new brushes and rollers when you begin a new paint job because there are different types of paint brushes for different tasks.

Paint Brushes

Corona Cool Brush at Helm Paint

Corona Cool Brush

Paint brushes, as well as stain brushes, are available in natural and acrylic bristles. For example, it is best to use natural brushes for oil based products, whereas it’s best to use acrylic brushes for water-based latex. There are differentiations in size, width, straight bristle edges, and angled bristle edges to choose among, as well as the type of bristles needed, making it somewhat complicated to select the correct brushes for the job. As with any type of job you want to accomplish, it is imperative to have the proper tools. Prior to using a new paint brush for the first time, it’s best to brush the bristles against the palm of your handle to release loose bristles. This will avoid having loose bristles show up in your painted finish.

Roller Covers

Benjamin Moore Roller at Helm Paint

Benjamin Moore Roller

Also, when purchasing roller covers, they must match the width of the roller. The most common roller widths are 3”, 4”, 9”, or 18”. Of course, you will have to put a roller on your shopping list if you do not already own one, in which case the covers will be included. Some covers have a thicker nap than others. For smoother walls, a thinner nap of 3/16” or 1/4“ is required. Highly textured walls require a thicker nap of 3/4” because it holds more paint and gives better coverage on the textured surface. Rollers are best used to cover large surface areas. Prior to a roller cover’s first use, it is best to condition it by washing it in water or covering it with painter’s tape to remove loose fibers. The fibers will not appear hardened in the final coat and the finish will be pristine.

Helm Paint & Decorating

Helm Paint, locally owned and operated, has been in business since 1970. Our trained specialists are available to assist you in selecting paint and supplies, and our color matching system also affords us the ability to blend the custom colors you might. require. We have 6 locations across the Metro New Orleans area to serve you.

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