Corona Red-Gold MiniPro Cool™ Paint Brush

A unique blend, the Red-Gold™ series combines the best elements of solid round tapered DuPont™ Tynex® Nylon and Orel® Polyester filaments for interior and exterior painting. The Red-Gold™ Series offers superior paint application in oil and latex paints, inside and outside, winter-spring-summer-or fall.

  • Nylon in the top edge for durability
  • Polyester in the bottom for stiffness retention and extra flex
  • Deep flagg tips created in-house to resemble those of natural China bristles for super smooth paint finishing
  • Hand formed chisel provides extra sharp, accurate cutting-in and preserves the smooth flagg tips
  • Unlacquered hardwood Palmgrip™
  • Stainless Steel Ferrule
  • Nylon/Polyester Blend