Designing a home is not an easy task. Paint, fixtures, furniture, accents, lighting…..etc. The list is never ending and sometimes it can just be overwhelming. Sometimes there can be a lot of benefits to asking for help from Interior Designers. They can remove the stress and make designing your home fun.

Benefits Interior DesignersWhat are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?

You do not have to live in a mansion to hire a designer. There are many benefits that interior designers can provide because they can help as little or as much as you need them to help. A relationship with a designer is a collaborative process that involves being forthright about likes and dislikes, yet open to great design techniques. This means that you will develop a close, working relationship as you work through your design expectations.

If you decide to hire a designer, you must first find one that you can get along with and you like his/her work. After you have found and interviewed a designer, you will now open up a large selection of choices only available to the designer trade including furnishings, fabrics, and wall coverings. In addition, the designer will know the perfect tradespeople and companies to go to get all of your design needs accomplished. Instead of scouring the internet or Facebooking for recommendations, you can avoid all of this hassle and get the best craftsmen and suppliers for all of your design needs.

A Designer can be your guide to finding the best deals and finding top quality products. The benefits of an interior designer can be well worth the investment. For home interiors, looks can be deceiving. A designer can help you determine which products will be the best for your specific home, needs, and expectations. For example, did you know that there are wallpapers designed for damper rooms like kitchens and bathrooms the resist peeling and can be cleaned? If you are able to make the right selections  the first time, it will save you money, time and stress from having to replace them a second time.

What’s it all going to cost?Benefits Interior Designers

Unfortunately, the best answer for this question is IT DEPENDS. It depends upon the size of your design project; it depends on your furniture, fixture, accessories and other design selections; it depends upon how much time and work you need from you interior designer; it depends on your change orders and timely decisions. Every project is different and some may be easier to complete than others. However, if you have a budget that you want to adhere to, tell your designer and provide it to him or her to see if it is possible to get all of your wants completed within your budget. The interior designer can help you to figure out how far your budget can go. But, be warned, when you start to see all of the wonderful options available, you may want to upgrade your budget, so make sure you add a little cushion into your budget.

Our designers can help you design small rooms to whole house interiors

Helm Paint & Decorating provide a variety of Residential Interior Design services from paint and color selection, furniture and accessories, window treatments and coverings, and wall coverings and wall paper. There are a lot of benefits to our interior designer services. They will help you to select everything to complete the interior design of your home from colors to finishes. Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create functional spaces within a building. At Helm Paint & Decorating, we offer a variety of home décor services and products to help you complete your design. It is not always easy to put together paint color with furniture and wall-coverings and draperies. Let one of our interior design experts help you create the perfectly designed space.

Helm Paint & Decorating, locally owned and operated, has been in business since 1970 and is an independent dealer of Benjamin Moore Paints and Finishes. Our trained specialists are available to assist you in selecting paint and supplies for your business. We also offer interior design service along with window treatments and wall coverings. We have 6 locations across the Metro New Orleans area, for your convenience, to serve you.

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