Painting may seem simple, but it actually requires skill. There are a lot of different techniques that painters use from types of brushes to painting direction. Check out these top 10 tip to paint like a pro.

Don’t Paint When It Rains

New Orleans is filled with Humidity and this means drips and slow drying, so avoid painting on a rainy day. If you like to paint on a rainy day when it is humid, take your time. Get all of the corners and moulding the first time before moving on to the second coat.

top-10-tips-to-paint-like-a-proInspect & Prep

Find all cracks, flakes, and peeling areas and lightly sand and scarp them. Rinse the areas that you have sanded before applying primer or paint. Wipe down and de-grease any spots that may be greasy. You can try a mild soap or stop by Helm Paint for some professional de-greasing paint prep products. Make sure you wipe down all the walls with a damp cloth so that the paint will have a clean, dust free surface to adhere to.

Buy Quality Painting Supplies

Quality does matter when it comes to your painting supplies from brushes and rollers to painter’s tape. Good brushes and rollers will apply the paint evenly and will cover the well. You will also notice that a quality brush will not lose its bristles on your painted walls. A quality painter’s tape seals better and keeps out drips and creates a true clean edge that does not blur.

Get the right roller

Do your walls have texture? If so, you will need a thicker nap on your roller to get in all of the textured details and cover completely. Ask one of Helm Paint’s experts what type of roller would be the best for your job.

Prepare & Protect From Drips

Drips happen. So, spend a little time covering floors, furniture, hardware before you paint. Use drop cloths and try use ziplock bags and saran wrap to cover door knobs.

Remove outlet covers and light switch covers

It may seem like a paint, but removing the covers for your light switches and outlets will save you time and it will protect your covers from paint. 

To Prime or Not to Prime

Use primer if you have issues with your wall or if it has been 8 years since you last painted. Primer prepares your walls for paint and covers up old paint. If you need to cover a challenging surface like a high-gloss paint, use a bonding primer like Benjamin Moore’s Insl-x Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer. 

Calculate your paint

When you start painting, you do not want to run out of paint half way through the job. Measure your square footage for your walls and come to Helm Paint and we will help you determine how much paint you will need for the job.

Don’t work hard, Roll with it

Since you have purchased a great roller, you do not have to push on the roller with a lot of pressure. Use an extension pole for high areas and just let the roller do the work. 

Paint from top to bottom

After you have painted all of the details areas like the edges at the ceiling and the baseboard with a brush, move on to a roller. Apply your paint on the roller from the ceiling down. If you do this, you will paint over your trip mistakes as you work your way down. Do not go back over the paint until the first area has dried, then apply your second coat.