What’s The Right Style for you Traditional, Transitional Or Contemporary?

When it comes to finding the right style for your home there are plenty of things to consider. It, of course, all depends on your personal style and what you like, but also on the pieces you already have. There are many styles to choose from. We have taken a closer look at the traditional, the transitional and the contemporary style for you to consider.


The traditional style is one of the most popular styles people use to decorate homes. It usually incorporates design elements from a variety of centuries. This allows for a comfortable and elegant look at the same time. It also lets you combine different pieces of furniture or accessories you may have collected over time. The traditional style features warm and rich colors that give your home an inviting feel.

Transitional Living room desingTransitional

Transitional style is basically a combination of traditional and contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics. The right combination can give your home  a classic, timeless design with clean lines. Furniture lines tend to be simple, but sophisticated featuring either straight lines or rounded profiles. This style would be the right one for you, if you already have a lot of furniture and accessories you would like to use.

Modern Living room design


Contemporary design tends to give your home a rather minimalist feel. The style usually features state-of-the-art materials, glass and metals. In contemporary rooms you will often find the colors:  black, white and grey. If color is added, it is often a pure, saturated tone including true red, indigo or orange. Clean lines and an open-space feel are other features common in contemporary homes.

Ask The Experts

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