Storing Paint The Right Way

Storing PaintHave you ever painted a room in your house? Painting is just one of those DIY home improvement activities that we’ve all done at least once. It’s relatively easy to paint, but it is still an investment in time. When your painting project is complete and all of the paint brushes and rollers are cleaned, the next step is storing the leftover paint.  Many people do not give much thought when it comes to storing their paint. Most people just stack it in the hot garage. Properly stored paint can remain stable for at least five years.  So, it is important to make sure you take the time to take care of your paint. Here are some tips for storing leftover paint the right way so it does not go bad.

Paint Storing Tips:

  1. Mark The Paint – Before you put your paint away, mark each paint can with a permanent marker with important information. You should include the name and number of the paint, the room it was used in, and the date. It is best to mark the body of the can because the lids are often damaged, mismatched or have been covered up with paint. Add a dab of the paint color to the lid and side to help identify the color.
  2. Keep It Away From Extreme Conditions – The most important method for storing paint is keeping it out of places with extreme heat, cold, humidity and so on. This probably means that you will not be able to store the paint in the garage. Store your paint in a cool, dry place like a closet inside of your house that is out of the way.
  3. Seal The Paint Can Tightly – Before closing the paint can or jar, be sure to wipe all of the extra paint residue form the grooves and the rim. This will make it easier to open in the future and helps to seal the can. Paint stores best in an airtight container. Use a rubber mallet to tap around the edges of the paint lid to close it, not a regular hammer. Some painters put a layer of plastic wrap over the paint can opening before putting the lid back on to aid in creating a tight seal.
  4. Use Smaller Containers – If there is not a lot of paint left in the original can, consider transferring the leftover paint into a smaller mason jar. This will not only help preserve the paint, but will also save space.

How To Know If Paint Has Gone Bad

If you did not do the best job storing your leftover paint, you might be curious if the paint has gone bad. The first step is to smell the paint. If it smells like anything but paint, then it is probably bad. Never mix old paint. Test a little bit of the paint on a test surface to see how it spreads. If it’s rough and bumpy, it’s time to get rid of the it. The good news is that you can actually bring your old paint can or a sample from the actual painted wall to Helm Paint & Decorating so we can color match the paint color. We are the best in color matching paint. So, even if your paint went bad or you do not have enough to complete your touch up project, we’ve go you covered.

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