Pumpkin Painting Party

Pumpkin Painting Party

Halloween is almost here which means now is the time to get your pumpkins ready for the spooky time of year. So how about having a pumpkin painting party. Get all your friends together and get into the right mood for the Halloween season by spooking up your Jack-O-Lanterns.

What You Need

It’s fairly simply to host a pumpkin painting party. Get a whole bunch of pumpkins, really all shapes and sizes will do. The same is true for paint colors, you never know what crazy ideas your friends will come up with.  Don’t forget to get some paint brushes and a tarp or drop cloth to protect your floors.  Also, head to an arts and crafts store for some glue, cardboard and other decorating supplies. If you want, you could give your pumpkin painting party a theme. Either a Halloween theme or a fall harvest theme would work great, but that is really up to you. One more thing, do not forget to send out invitations to your friends in advance, this can be a busy time of year!

A Few More Ideas

If you are tired of the “ordinary” Jack-O-Lanterns, why not turn your pumpkins into a litter of black pumpkin cats? Just spray the pumpkin black, carve out a cat face and glue some felt triangles to the top for cat ears. Put a candle inside and a grinning cat will greet your visitors. Another way to give your pumpkins that extra edge: use glitter and glam your Jack-O-Lantern up a little. Just use glue and black glitter and let your friends or kids come up with designs. Actually, this makes for a fun project for the entire family. Cut some bats of your cardboard and glue those to your pumpkins.  Depending on how competitive you and your friends are, you could even pick a pumpkin painting party winner at the end of the night!

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