Halloween Colors: What Are The Most Fear Inducing Colors

Halloween ColorsHalloween is upon us! Most of us by now have decorated our homes accordingly and picked a theme and costume for this year’s Halloween parties and, of course, for trick and treating. The most popular Halloween colors usually include black, red, orange and white. Did you ever wonder why?

Why Do We Choose Black, Red, Orange & White For Halloween?

For some reasons these colors can induce fear. Black is often called the color of death. That is why in western cultures people wear black to funerals. It is the darkest color which is the result of the complete absorption of all visible light.  Our ancestors perceived the dark of the night as a dangerous time. Black also represents elongated hours of darkness during the fall marking the end of the crop growing season. White, which is at the opposite spectrum reflecting all visible wavelengths of light, also has some fear inducing properties. You probably have heard the expression: white as a ghost. If you are fair-skinned fear can drain the color from your face and other parts of your body. In many Asian cultures, white clothing is worn as a sign of mourning. Red is the color of blood. The color symbolizes anger and rage. It is the color at the end of the visible spectrum of light, next to orange. Orange represents the changing colors of leaves and the end of summer.

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