Do you have issues with bacteria, odor and mildew on your paint surfaces? Eco Spec WB Silver is a coating that will help you out.

EcoSpec Silver Benjamin Moore paint CanDuring our humid, long summer months, mildew and bacteria can become a problem. This is especially true for spaces with a high occupancy including schools, health care facilities and hotels.  If you are starting to see mildew, it won’t be long till you will start recognizing an odor as well. When painting certain areas in your facility, you will notice that some walls collect more moisture than others. Those are usually walls and areas that tend to not get enough sunlight to completely dry out.

What Eco Spec WB Silver Can Do For You

Eco Spec WB Silver is a premium commercial coating that uses the natural power of silver to resist mildew, bacteria and odor. The product contains highly pure elemental silver and EPA approved microbial agents. The coating inhibits mildew and mold from growing on your surfaces. Furthermore, using Eco Spec Silver WB will not interfere with your facility’s cleaning protocols. This long lasting antimicrobial coat will continue to protect your surfaces even after wear and tear and multiple washings.

ECO Spec WB Silver is perfect for hospitals, schools, hospitality facilities and occupied spaces. The coating comes in matte, eggshell and semi-gloss.

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