Black Paint Is Back

Black Is BackBlack Friday is everywhere right now as we enter the beginning of holiday shopping season. It says bold sale is coming don’t miss out, but it is not always the color of choice for interior design. But we say…. rethink the color black as it is coming back. Black has a bad reputation as being too dark, but it is actually making a huge comeback right now. Black is a bold and versatile choice. We have a few suggestions how you can make this trend yours.

Why Use Black

The color black is actually very easy to use and very versatile. It pretty much covers everything and you most likely won’t even need a primer.

Black Bedrooms

There are plenty of reason why you may want to go dark with your bedroom. The color will give the room an intimate feel. Black painted walls can be the backdrop to a much more vibrant set of colored accessories. You could place gold-accented decor against a black wall for the perfect pop of color in your black bedroom. If you don’t want to go black all the way, consider alternating black and white walls or furniture pieces which makes for a fresh and modern feel. Even consider painting the molding in your room back as the perfect accent.

Black Living Rooms

Black living rooms can have a very cozy feel to them.  You can add some excitement to your design by choosing colorful sofas and other furniture. Not sure about going dark all the way? If you are looking to create a statement in your living room, try adding something bold, such as black accent walls for a dramatic affect. Art, including photography will pop on black walls.  If you are not bold enough to go for black, pick a midnight blue. It will have similar effects.

Black Bathrooms

Consider using black in your bathroom. It is a timeless classic color. It will give your bathroom a sophisticated, yet timeless feel. Consider using white or stainless light fixtures and big mirrors to give your bathroom that extra edge. If you need any design ideas, stop by one of our stores:

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