Rollers, Paint Brushes, or Spray Machines?

When is it best to use Rollers, Paint Brushes, or Spray Machines?? Oftentimes, people do not know the answer as to which is best tool to use for a particular project. First you have to consider whether you desire to achieve a smooth or textured finish.

Paint SprayerRollers

Generally, rollers work best when painting large, flat surface areas such ceilings and walls. However, rollers leave a textured surface and are not the best tool to use where a smooth surface is desirable. If a roller is used on smooth surfaces, such as cabinets, trim, or woodwork, it is necessary to immediately follow with smoothing strokes from a paint brush. Rule of thumb: the longer the nap on the roller, the more texture results.

Paint Brushes

Although paint brushes create a smoother surface than rollers, they do not create the smoothest surfaces making them the ideal tool to use when painting trim and woodwork. Purchase the highest quality brushes at the appropriate size for the project you’re undertaking. Brushes are made of different fibers, so you need to inquire which type of brush is best used with the type of paint being used. Rule of thumb: angled brushes provide better control when cutting in and painting window sashes.

Spray Machines

Spray machines provide the smoothest surfaces of these painting methods. This makes a paint sprayer the best method for painting furniture and cabinets. However, should you decide to use a sprayer to paint walls, ceilings, woodwork, or trim, you will have to cover any area you do not wish to spray. Paint needs to be thinned in order to pass through the sprayer. If sprayed in thick coats, paint can drip or run. Rule of thumb: spray thin coats, allowing to set between coats, for good coverage.

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