Purple, Green & Gold is Mardi Gras?Is there really a perfect Purple, Green & Gold Color Match for Mardi Gras?

If you are a New Orleans Local, you have experienced the parades, listened and watched the marching bands, and probably caught a lot of Mardi Gras beads over the years. You have probably eaten a king cake and maybe even found the baby which means you probably purchased a king cake too. With all of the purple, green and gold decorating costumes, floats, and even food, you may wonder why those colors and is there a perfect Color Match?

It’s Carnival Time!

Mardi Gras is filled with rich history and the colors play a very important role. We can probably thank French explorers for bringing the festivities to New Orleans in 1699 that has now developed into a huge party that is famous world-wide. There are different accounts as to why Mardi Gras is branded with purple, green and gold; however, many reports lead to the New Orleans Krewe of Rex party scheme colors in 1872. Apparently, the color palette was inspired by the Russian Grand Duke’s house colors. In 1892, Rex announced the parade theme entitled “Symbolism of Colors” which defined them as follows : purple for justice, green for faith and gold for power.

Today, the color scheme is found on the Carnival Flags, balcony decorations, and just about everything else during carnival time. The typical purples, greens and golds that you see throughout Mardi Gras fall into those rich jewel tones. But, you can also find varying hues of each color. Whether you are designing a Mardi Gras Mask or decorating Muses shoes, just make sure your find the style and combination that reflects your personality. In the end, during Mardi Gras in New Orleans…ANYTHING GOES!

The Perfect Color Match

At Helm Paint & Decorating, color is very important to us. Whether you are choosing a new color from the Benjamin Moore paint palette or matching a color that you already have, our color experts will give you that perfect color match. You can bring in an old paint can or even a Carnival purple, green and gold flag, and we promise that we will match the color to perfection. The Helm Paint team believes in providing top quality paint and excellent customer service.

From the Helm Family to yours…Happy Mardi Gras!