What is the best way to measure for wallpaper?

How To Measure For Wallpaper - York WallcoveringsWallpaper needs to be measured in square feet by measuring the the height in feed by the width in feet of each wall. The formula is H x W = Square Feet. You will then add the square foot measurements of each wall together. This will give you the total square footage of the room. But, do you have any doors or windows? If the room has doors or windows, they should be subtracted from your total square footage. Don’t forget, it is still important to have a little extra. So, round up whenever possible to ensure that you do not run out of wallpaper. A little extra wallpaper is also very important when you are trying to match patterns.

How do you measure for a wallpaper with a pattern?

If your wallpaper selection has a pattern, the wallpaper edges will have to be matched during installation. Matching the wallpaper strip edges eliminates the seams from showing and is essential to proper wallpaper installation. It is not easy to do it properly, so take your time if you are doing it yourself. It is also important to factor in the factor repeat loss when calculating your wallpaper measurements. The easiest way is to divide the square footage of the area being covered by the average repeat size of 21″.  This will give you the number of single rolls you will need. The formula is Square Feet/21 = single rolls needed. If you are in doubt, round up. If you end up with an extra roll, it is great to have for any repairs you may need or even another smaller project.

What are the differences between a double roll and a single roll of wallpaper?

In the past, rooms were smaller and ceilings were lower, so wallpaper rolls were smaller. But, as times changed and architecture designs evolved, wallpaper roll size increased. One continuous roll of today’s wallpaper consists of the same square footage as two single rolls. A bolt of wallpaper is just another way of saying a double roll. They are called a bolt because like fabric, it comes on a wrapped cardboard bolt. Double roll square footage is the same square footage as two single rolls. A single roll is half the amount of wallpaper as a double roll. Remember to read the label on your wallpaper. They come in different sizes, so make sure that you check the label before you make your purchase.

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