Valentine’s Day – Let’s Go Caliente

Color Consultation - CalienteValentine’s Day is certainly decorated with Red…Red Roses, Red Hearts, Red Greeting Cards. It is observed in many parts of the world as a day for expressing love and affection for family, friends and romantic couples. But, why is red the color of Valentine’s Day?

Stop Signs, Red Lights, Fire Hydrants

Red is an attention grabbing and emotionally intense color which is commonly found to represent passion, desire, and of course love. It magnifies physical reactions and seems to capture those close by with the feeling of a warm embrace.

Paint Boldly

Have you ever thought about painting a room or even a wall in red? Are you afraid it would be too bold? Don’t be afraid, embrace it. Paint is a great way to revitalize a room. It can change the entire design from dull to enticing simply by changing the color.

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year – Caliente AF-290

Benjamin Moore does not just choose a random color to become the color of the year, they explore the world through art, culture, and exhibitions to find the color that is inspirational. Caliente is a warm hue that can only be described through passionate words like Radical, Dramatic, Happy, Smart, Desire, Primary, Symbolic and Confidence. This paint color is revolutionary and will inspire new changes in the design world.

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2018

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Come to Helm Paint and we’ll show you Caliente Too

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