Best Ways To Store Paint

How to store paintYou know this problem, you walk into your garage and you have an entire shelf full of old paint cans. Half of them are still at least half full and the other half are dried out. Worst of all, since they have been sitting there for a while, some of the labels either have paint on them or have come off and you have no idea where or when you used the paint last. Here a few tips on how to best store paint so you can use it in case your paint job needs some touch ups a couple of years later.

What To Do

Try to store your paint in a place that does not get too hot or too cold. Experts recommend the room should not get below freezing or above 90 degrees. Your garage, basement, crawl spaces or even a closet in you house would be a good place to store your paint.

How To Store PaintYou should be able to use your paint at least three times a after opening it. If you open the can and the paint has a curdled look to it (a little bit like cottage cheese), it has been exposed to freezing temperatures and it is ruined. If your paint has been heated up to much you will find a lot of separation in your paint. Everything will have settled to the bottom of the paint can and will be really hard.

Try to store your paint in the can it came in. If that can has been damaged, or has a lot of paint around the rim, so it cannot seal properly you will have to look for other options. Also, if there is only a little bit of paint left in your 5 gallon canister it is best to store the paint in a smaller container, because a smaller container will have less air in it. Too much air could cause your paint to dry out. Paint stores sell cans that have a coding inside to prevent them from rusting. Another option are plastic containers.  They seal well and you won’t need a tool to open them.

After using your paint seal the can, or container properly and label it correctly. Maybe write down in which room you used this particular color and when. Also add a dot of paint on the top of the canister so you can see what color it is without having to open the lid.  You could also take a picture of the can with your phone and store that on your computer. That way, you have all the paint information including its formula easily accessible.

If You Can’t Find The Color You Already Used

In case you cannot find the right color of paint you used for a particular room don’t worry. At Texas Paint, color is very important to us. The right color can transform a room and once you have found that perfect shade and finish, your vision will come to life. But, creating that perfect color requires a color match expert.  Whether you are choosing a new color from the Benjamin Moore paint palette or matching a color that you already have, our color experts will give you that perfect color match. You can bring in an old paint can or event a color sample card, and we promise that we will match the color to perfection.

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