Question: Why is the paint peeling on the exterior of my house? Is there a paint available that resists peeling?
Tommy M.

Tommy, we’ve all seen them. The paint peeling and cracking on the facades of beautiful antebellum homes. While they make an ideal backdrop for a spooky ghost story, no one wants their own home to suffer this fate. It may seem that only decades of neglect could lead to that sort of disrepair; however, high levels of indoor humidity coupled with low quality exterior paint can create perfect conditions for this type of damage to occur over a relatively short window of time.

paint peelingMost homes build up excess indoor humidity during different times of the year. Though New Orleans summers are swelteringly humid, air conditioners help to prevent a buildup of moisture indoors during the hot months. Winters are the real culprit of damage as very often nothing is in place to remove the humidity generated by running heaters.

This humidity seeps through walls and begins to cling to the rear face of external siding, which is often wood. As the sun bears down on the home’s exterior wall, it pulls at the moisture from the saturated wood, drawing it toward the surface of the siding. What happens next is all too common in New Orleans. As the water is pulled through the exterior paint surface, that surface becomes cracked and begins to peel and flake.

To prevent this problem, it’s necessary to invest in a paint that provides a breathable exterior surface. Regal MoorGard® Exterior Paint and Regal MoorGlo® Exterior Paint by Benjamin Moore offer just that: a surface that allows water vapor to pass outside of the home without harming the paint job. As an added bonus, the paint also resists mildew.

MoorGard® and MoorGlo® can both be applied at temperatures as low as 40°F, which means it’s even possible to avoid the woes associated with finding a perfect time to paint in New Orleans. The folks at Benjamin Moore are so confident in the quality of this 100% acrylic latex exterior paint, they offer a lifetime warranty!

If you’re thinking about putting a fresh coat of paint on your home for the spring, come talk to your friends at Helm Paint and learn more about low VOC Regal® MoorGard® and MoorGlo® Exterior Paints.